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Back to School


It is the time of year when students are headed back to school. It’s a time-honored tradition based on one of the simplest truths – that education is an important asset. This is true whether you are entering high school or running a business. As the digital world causes the pace of change to accelerate, lifelong learning is even more critical to independent business people. We need to incorporate new…

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Finance Your Business: You Can Do It


Starting your own business may be a dream come true. Paying for this dream may be an entirely different story. How you structure the finances for your business will have long term effects on your entire life. Unless you are wealthy enough to finance your new store with no financial strain, raising the money you’ll need may prove to be one of the toughest challenges you’ll ever face. A word…

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Blogging Matters


There is this enduring myth about eCommerce that all it takes to get an online business going is a webpage and products to sell. In other words, it should be easy money. Anyone who’s toiled for an eCommerce company knows the reality. Online business is no different than business in person. It commands about the same resources, manpower and facilities to run even a modest-sized operation online as it does…

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Retain Your Top Talent: People Are Not Just HR’s Responsibility


According to a Wall Street Journal jobs report, more people have resigned in recent months than were laid-off. The Journal reports this is a sign of growing confidence because, if people quit, obviously they believe they can land another job. In total 1.9 million people resigned, while 1.8 million were laid-off. Similar numbers were reported the month before, with the “quitters” beating out the “pink-slippers.” If people are indeed more…

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