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Is the M&A Market Back? (Part 1)


Last year we wrote an article titled “Is the M&A market back?” In that article, we framed an answer by questioning whether the glass was half full or half empty with the thought that an argument could be made either way. We presented five factors to argue that the glass was half full and another five factors to argue that the glass was half empty. The five factors that supported…

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The 7 Strata of Strategy


It’s no secret that the recession has decimated the building industry the last few years. But Jeff Booth’s company,, isn’t hurting. It sells building materials at a steep discount through its website, thanks to arrangements to ship directly from manufacturers. “It’s almost like an online Costco of building materials,” says Booth, president and CEO. Expecting his sales to increase by more than 20% this year, Booth has increased his…

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Shaping Your Company’s Public Image


The wisdom of Peter Engel, who passed on July 2010. A corporate culture really has two components: internal and external. The internal involves how people within a company relate to each other, their clients, and how they collectively see the world. For example, FedEx employees are forever on the run because the company makes getting packages delivered on time a priority. They relate to each other and customers at a…

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Career Advice: Give And You Shall Receive


In these tough times more than ever, it is important to take time out and meet with folks who need career advice. This doesn’t mean you have an opening in your company or even know where other jobs may be; it’s simply about helping friends, family, or colleagues who might need some advice. If you’ve got insight to offer those trying to break into a new job, be the one…

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