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What is the Purpose of Your Website?


What is the purpose of your website? This is a multiple choice question: (A) Our website is for current customers and prospects who have previously heard of our business and want to learn more. (B) Our web site should help us reach new customers – ones who have never heard of us but are looking for the product or service we offer. (C) All of the above. (D) None of…

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Twitter Crash Course Part 1: Basic Intro and Vocab Lesson


Part 1: Basic Intro and Vocab Lesson Thanks to the web2.0 phenomena, social media marketing has gone from zero to hero in a few short years. A lot of marketing managers and company execs are still standing around wondering what all these social media tools are, how and why they can help, and how to get started. Engaging with consumers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, YouTube and others can help…

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Are You Really Ready for Social Marketing?


We have the good fortune to speak with many manufacturers in the process of developing potential partnerships and often hear prospective partners ask a lot about social marketing and Twitter campaigns.   As part of the process of honoring the request we do an analysis of their existing online profit center.  Following the analysis, we schedule a time to discuss what next steps need to be taken to prepare for social…

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Why You Need a Direct-to-Consumer Online Sales Channel


Many companies market their products through traditional sales channels with master distributors, distributors, and dealers all playing a valuable role. Strong distribution channels, or outlets, are a hallmark of a solid company. However, even the most traditional company, heavily reliant on distribution partners, can still greatly benefit from developing a direct-to-consumer sales channel. Here are the Top 5 Benefits of a Direct-to-Consumer Sales Channel: New Product Introductions. Introduce new products…

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