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Websites versus Online Profit Centers


How much will you lose by not having your online sales channel developed and marketed properly?

My nephew can build me a website for $2500. Why does yours cost so much?

I used to get this question a lot. Now I mostly pre-empt it, so I hear it much less.

One has to decide if their goal is to have a website or an online business. A website requires much less investment and expertise when compared to building a business.

Deciding how much to invest in your website is a difficult decision. As a direct marketer, we look at this from an ROI (Return on Investment) point of view.

A home-based business generating $100,000 in revenue has different needs than a $10,000,000 business. At BC, we expect your online site to be able to add to your base revenue by at least 10% of your overall revenue, and we plan accordingly to make this happen. Of course if your business is mostly based online, than the percentage is much higher, up to 100%, and of course, this decision becomes even more important.

On average, our Online Profit Centers take a total investment of $75,000 – $100,000 to launch over the first 6 months, where the expectation is $100,000’s in new revenues. However, the negative cash flow tops out at about $50,000 in most cases due to the fact that there is also revenue being generated

In addition, it is typical for an Online Profit Center to return an overall positive ROI in the 12th or 13th month! Results can vary, but, one thing for sure: you get what you pay for.

BC’s team has generated $10,000,000’s in online revenues, and built many multi-million dollar revenue channels. How many has your nephew built?

So the real question is, how much revenue would you like your website to generate, and how fast of an ROI do you need? It’s not how much you invest; it’s what you make.

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