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Do You Make These 3 Customer Service Mistakes?


Focusing on Customer Service is something a lot of companies say they do, but just because you say you focus on it doesn’t mean your customers will believe you. A customer can tell when you’re simply blowing smoke, so these are three important things you should consider: 1. Don’t hide behind some list of guarantees. We learned this over a few years. We even had something we called the “7…

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Retain Your Top Talent: People Are Not Just HR’s Responsibility


According to a Wall Street Journal jobs report, more people have resigned in recent months than were laid-off. The Journal reports this is a sign of growing confidence because, if people quit, obviously they believe they can land another job. In total 1.9 million people resigned, while 1.8 million were laid-off. Similar numbers were reported the month before, with the “quitters” beating out the “pink-slippers.” If people are indeed more…

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Hire The Best

While most people tend to think managing employees is the most difficult task a business owner has, it is my belief that recruiting and hiring talented employees is even more difficult. If you hire the right people, managing becomes much easier. When reviewing resumes and interviewing prospective employees, it is important to question if this is the right person for the job. You can never be too sure of the…

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