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Websites versus Online Profit Centers

How much will you lose by not having your online sales channel developed and marketed properly? My nephew can build me a website for $2500. Why does yours cost so much? I used to get this question a lot. Now I mostly pre-empt it, so I hear it much less. One has to decide if their goal is to have a website or an online business. A website requires much…

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Are You Really Ready for Social Marketing?


We have the good fortune to speak with many manufacturers in the process of developing potential partnerships and often hear prospective partners ask a lot about social marketing and Twitter campaigns.   As part of the process of honoring the request we do an analysis of their existing online profit center.  Following the analysis, we schedule a time to discuss what next steps need to be taken to prepare for social…

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The Mindset for Growth: Website vs. Online Profit Center


The daughter of one of our team members recently graduated from FIDM in SF and chose to apply her skills and talents through the development of website designed to help fashion designers with the unpleasant side of creating a fashion business. She built a beautiful site, applying the latest SEO techniques, quality content, consistent updates and all the other steps the daughter of someone in the industry would employ. One…

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