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Walking the Fine Line of Follow-Up


Are you following up too much? Or, not enough? It’s a constant dilemma for sales, especially someone running a small business. There’s always a fear that perhaps, you’ve crossed the fine line of being persistent, over to the side of being obnoxious. Following up is important but it must be tempered to have the right balance. Without follow-up, you are missing HUGE opportunities. It is one of the best things…

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Career Advice: Give And You Shall Receive


In these tough times more than ever, it is important to take time out and meet with folks who need career advice. This doesn’t mean you have an opening in your company or even know where other jobs may be; it’s simply about helping friends, family, or colleagues who might need some advice. If you’ve got insight to offer those trying to break into a new job, be the one…

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Build (and Maintain) Customer Loyalty


It is said that before you criticize a man, you should learn to walk a mile in his shoes. There’s a double meaning to that saying when it comes to owning a small business. One relates to actually understanding your own business needs, while the other relates to understanding your customer’s business – a key factor in what will help you maintain a long lasting relationship with them. I have…

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Advisory Boards: Why You Need One

Karen Usher credits her advisory board for driving 85 % growth in revenue in 2002 and an additional 35 % in 2003. Frank Holt believes he would have avoided three costly mistakes if he had consulted an advisory board, so he formed one last May. Every major business decision I’ve made has been shaped by my board of advisors. Running a business is simply easier if you have some help…

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Do You Make These 3 Customer Service Mistakes?


Focusing on Customer Service is something a lot of companies say they do, but just because you say you focus on it doesn’t mean your customers will believe you. A customer can tell when you’re simply blowing smoke, so these are three important things you should consider: 1. Don’t hide behind some list of guarantees. We learned this over a few years. We even had something we called the “7…

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Finance Your Business: You Can Do It


Starting your own business may be a dream come true. Paying for this dream may be an entirely different story. How you structure the finances for your business will have long term effects on your entire life. Unless you are wealthy enough to finance your new store with no financial strain, raising the money you’ll need may prove to be one of the toughest challenges you’ll ever face. A word…

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Retain Your Top Talent: People Are Not Just HR’s Responsibility


According to a Wall Street Journal jobs report, more people have resigned in recent months than were laid-off. The Journal reports this is a sign of growing confidence because, if people quit, obviously they believe they can land another job. In total 1.9 million people resigned, while 1.8 million were laid-off. Similar numbers were reported the month before, with the “quitters” beating out the “pink-slippers.” If people are indeed more…

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What’s Your Exit Strategy?


The wisdom of Peter Engel, who passed on July 2010. Unless you take the time to consider how you will leave your business, you may not be able to leave it. If you do find a way out, you may take a drastic haircut on its value. At worst, you may find yourself inextricably handcuffed to your business. You need an exit strategy. There are seven main types of exit…

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Hire The Best

While most people tend to think managing employees is the most difficult task a business owner has, it is my belief that recruiting and hiring talented employees is even more difficult. If you hire the right people, managing becomes much easier. When reviewing resumes and interviewing prospective employees, it is important to question if this is the right person for the job. You can never be too sure of the…

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Why You Need Direct-to-Consumer Online Sales Channel

Many companies market their products through traditional sales channels with master distributors, distributors, and dealers all playing a valuable role. Strong distribution channels, or outlets, are a hallmark of a solid company. However, even the most traditional company, heavily reliant on distribution partners, can still greatly benefit from developing a direct-to-consumer sales channel. Here are the Top 5 Benefits of a Direct-to-Consumer Sales Channel: New Product Introductions. Introduce new products…

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