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Is the M&A Market Back? (Part 2)


This post is the last part of a two-part article. Read the first part of the article here. In regards to the lower valuation of deals, we do not have any empirical data that suggests that valuations have increased, but would point out that greater access to credit markets and economic growth may push valuations slightly higher in the near future. In the article last year, we pointed out that…

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The 7 Strata of Strategy


It’s no secret that the recession has decimated the building industry the last few years. But Jeff Booth’s company,, isn’t hurting. It sells building materials at a steep discount through its website, thanks to arrangements to ship directly from manufacturers. “It’s almost like an online Costco of building materials,” says Booth, president and CEO. Expecting his sales to increase by more than 20% this year, Booth has increased his…

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What’s Your Exit Strategy?


The wisdom of Peter Engel, who passed on July 2010. Unless you take the time to consider how you will leave your business, you may not be able to leave it. If you do find a way out, you may take a drastic haircut on its value. At worst, you may find yourself inextricably handcuffed to your business. You need an exit strategy. There are seven main types of exit…

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Hire The Best

While most people tend to think managing employees is the most difficult task a business owner has, it is my belief that recruiting and hiring talented employees is even more difficult. If you hire the right people, managing becomes much easier. When reviewing resumes and interviewing prospective employees, it is important to question if this is the right person for the job. You can never be too sure of the…

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Why You Need Direct-to-Consumer Online Sales Channel

Many companies market their products through traditional sales channels with master distributors, distributors, and dealers all playing a valuable role. Strong distribution channels, or outlets, are a hallmark of a solid company. However, even the most traditional company, heavily reliant on distribution partners, can still greatly benefit from developing a direct-to-consumer sales channel. Here are the Top 5 Benefits of a Direct-to-Consumer Sales Channel: New Product Introductions. Introduce new products…

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The Art of the Buy: Dealing with Vendors


Are you are launching a retail business? One key part of your business puts you on the other side of the counter, as a buyer of the merchandise you will be selling to your customers. There is a saying in retail that ‘Money is made in the buy’ – the decisions you make as a buyer will determine not just how much you pay for your stock, but the items…

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